The different types of business investment loans


A country's economy is backed by the business projects that runs all over the country, ensures the flow of money into the economy and thus ensures the survival of a state. The business is indeed a very important thing for keeping up the sector of money and finance , you can get cash direct for personal needs from online lenders. Now, as you are thinking about the business factors and their importance to keep the financial sector alive for a state, you cannot also forget the fact that helps to keep the business alive. The small business or the cottage business industries, the giant commercial industries, no matter what kind of business venture you might have on your mind, have one thing in common. It is the fact that you cannot run any of these projects without the help of loans. Yes, the loans are the main energy resource that keeps this business ventures breathing.

There are different types of loans that actually speed up or assure the survival of the business projects. One can divide the loans through a lot of factors. Some of the loan types would be discussed in this discussion for you to be fully aware about these versatile types of business loans and their functions.
Different types of business loans:

The business loans are classified by depending upon various factors. The first thing that comes to the mind of the people while thinking about a loan is that who are giving out the loans. So the prominent classification of the business loans is depended on the factor of the disbursing authority of business loans.

Types of business loans depending on the lenders:

There are two types of business loans depending upon the lenders of the business loans. These two types are:

  1. 1. The SBA lenders
  2. 2. The private small business lenders.

They are described below:

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The SBA lenders:


The small business providers are the business lenders who are here to disburse loan with the authority of the federal government. The federal government takes the fact of business and their well being very seriously. That is they always try to ensure that the business project investors get enough inspiration to invest into the business projects and open up new business opportunities for the mass people of the country. That is why they have set up a small business association for this function. The small business association, in short the SBA is the authority that holds the responsibility of controlling and managing the disbursement and flow of small business loans towards the borrowers.

The SBA loans are very much popular among the mass borrowers as it beholds a less rate of interest rates and also a less rate of loan fees for the borrowers. On the other hand, the federal government keeps on passing new rules and conditions to inspire more investors into the business sectors. Thus, new facilities of the business loans provided through the federal government are very usual. That is why; a lot of people desire to own a federal SBA loan when they think about taking a business loan for investing into a business project.

Though, it is quite hard to own a SBA loan, as you need to go through a lot of documentation to own yourself a SBA loan. Also, it takes a lot of time in the total loan processing as a lot of people are already in the queue for these kinds of loans. That is why; the SBA loans are criticized sometimes for the complex procedure to own these loans, as well as the lengthy timeline to avail the loans.

The private small business lenders:

The name says it all for the private small business lenders. The private small business lenders are the people who are here to provide you business loans without federal authority. These are the people who are here to lend people for business. So, the private small business lenders are profit based lenders. You cannot think about the less interest rate anymore, when you are dealing with a private small business lender for yourself to get a business loan. The private small business lenders are here to make profits, so they make out profits from the loans they provide towards the borrowers. Now, the only way to ensure the profits from the lenders end is through the way of charging high interest rates and loan fees from the borrowers when they come to take a loan for investing in to their business.

So, the loans that are provided by the private small business lenders are quite high in interest rates and loan fees. That is why; the private money lenders are often criticized. Though, the current federal government has given a pretty good amount of guidelines for the private business money lenders. So, they cannot charge illogical interest rates and suck out a huge amount of money from you. They have to keep it under control and charge up interest rate for the loans that are not similar as the SBA loan interest rates, but must not be too much higher than the interest rates of SBA loans.

Though, the private small business lenders are popular for their customer oriented service. That means that you do not have to think about the complex guidelines to be followed to obtain a business loan, when you are dealing with the private small business money lenders. At the same time, your timeline to avail the loans from the time you actually apply for the loans will not be so long as it is for the federal loans. The private small business lenders provide a very elegant service towards the borrowers and that is why they make the total procedure very simple and easy for the borrowers. At the same time, the loans are provided within an instant approval to help out the borrowers in real time.

Now, after you have sorted out the business loans, depending on the lenders, you also need to think about the type of business venture that would receive these funding for investment. The next category of classification is based on this factor as well, that what kind of business would get these loans as the forms of investment finding.

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Types of business loans depending on the lenders:

It is amazing to know that based on the factor of the type of the business venture, the business investment loans or the third party financial assistance to generate investment funds in to the business are divided in two types. Below, the classification of the business loans depending on the lenders is given:

  1. 1. The commercial loans for big industries
  2. 2. The small business loans for small projects or cottage industries

This classification is also described below:

1. The commercial loans for big industries:

The giant or big industries require giant amount or huge amount of business funding. The loans that are provided to back up these giant business investment findings are called as commercial loans or commercial business loans. The main feature for such kind of business loans are the amount of money involved in such kind of loans. Millions of dollars are spent to invest onto such business projects, so the loans that are disbursed for the business projects are also remain on the scale of millions of dollars. So, you cannot think about any money lender to provide this kind of commercial business loans. You also need to think about prominent or giant money lending companies or business investment companies generating the loans for investing into such big scale loans. One another thing that would completely amaze you after knowing is that, providing loans towards the big industries is a two way investing project for the money lenders. The money lenders of big scale commercial business projects are also known as big scale business investors. These are the actual people who keep the commercial business field running. They not only generate profit through getting up the interest of the loan disbursed to the borrowers, at the same time they also ensure that the company gives them a share of their profit in the return of the investment money they are providing as loans. So, the money lenders of the big or giant business projects are also one kind of business investors for the business projects as well.

2. The small business loans for small projects or cottage industries:

The description of small business lenders have already given in the above classification. These are the people who provide loans towards the borrowers assisting them in investing funds towards the small scale of business projects they have. The money amount that are provided for small business projects are high but they are not as higher as the commercial loans. At the same time, you will not have to share your business profits with the lenders, while taking up a small business loan.

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